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Oregon and China to Collaborate on Carbon-Neutral Technology

Leaders in China and Oregon laid out a path to partnership, academic collaboration and reshaping U.S.-China relations at the Climate Change & Sustainability in Oregon & China Forum.

Oregon’s carbon-neutral technologies are “leading the U.S.,” and Oregon institutions could collaborate with China to develop low-carbon technologies, a Chinese official said last week.

Speaking at last Thursday’s Climate Change & Sustainability in Oregon & China Forum, Guo Ningning, vice governor of Fujian Province, outlined the potential of joint technological development with Oregon businesses and academic partners “[to] carry out joint development of low-carbon technologies, strengthen investment and cooperation in green industries, jointly cultivate the carbon sink capacity of the ecosystem, and deepen the mutual exchange of national parks.”

At the forum, hosted by the Oregon-China Council, officials discussed a plan for the two global superpowers to meet emissions goals, with the Oregon-China partnership serving as the focal point of collaboration between the two countries.

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