Annual Three Nations Cultural Series

The Chinese, Japanese and Korean communities in Portland, Oregon have been cooperating to present joint cultural performances each year since 2015. It began with Strings of Three Nations, followed by Dances, Drums, Voices, Flutes, and Masks Dances of Three Nations. Our goal is to unite the three communities and to expose the public to the beautiful cultures of all three countries.

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Mask Dances of The Three Nations - 2020

The 2020 performances were performed and viewed virtually – a necessary departure from the impressive live performances of the past. Participants enjoyed video performances of Pacific Northwest dance groups performing mask dances from China, Japan, and Korea. Sponsored by the Oregon China Council, Consular Office of Japan, and South Korean Consulate

Performers: Yu Long with Goodtime Dancers (China), Buyo Doko Kai (Japan), and Seattle Songpa Sandae Nori (Korea). 


Virtual performance recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-cK5aNBres

Flutes of The Three Nations - 2019

The performance at the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Portland featured flutists

and melodies from the three nations.

Flutists: Henry Huang (China), Larry Tyrrell (Japan), Si Hyeung Kim (Korea)

Voices of The Three Nations - 2018

The Voices of Three Nations performed at Portland's World Trade Center.

Vocalists: Ruan Qiuling (China), Kohgetsu Aoki (Japan), and Da-Hyang Kwon (Korea).

Drums of The Three Nations - 2017

A vibrant and colorful performance at Portland's World Trade Center. "High energy!"


Performers: Lin Li (China), the Lee Association Lion Dancers (China), Portland Taiko (Japan), and Seung-Hee Ji (Korea).

Dances of The Three Nations - 2016

Excellent performances by all three countries at a beautiful venue -- the Kridel Grand Ballroom of the Portland Art Museum


Dancers: Oregon's Principal Ballerina Xuan Cheng (China), Diana Hinatsu (Japan), and Seung-Hee Ji (Korea)

Strings of The Three Nations - 2015

Portland serves as a model of cooperation and friendship, sharing Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures with the citizens of Oregon.

The musicians for the concert: Emily Deng (China), Mitsuki Dazai (Japan), and Myung-Ja “Donna” Jang (Korea).