Program overview

OCC responds to the new normal in the face of challenging U.S-China relations and the climate of apprehension and confusion that has caused. To alleviate the uncertainties through information sharing and knowledge-based webinars. To this end, we launched the Webinar Series program that breaks into sub-series to provide information for climate change, culture, education, tourism, and trade.


Our goals are:
•    to reconnect OCC constituencies and gain the most updated information on their concerns and current status;
•    to identify problems and needs of OCC constituencies;
•    to develop webinar programs to address the needs and strive for common solutions;

Conference Crowd

"The future depends on what you do today."

One webinar series for each topic in above. We learn about specific problems from communities and stay focused to resolve them. To build momentum and make our way to the solution.

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#Oregon First

Webinar Series #1 - EDUCATION

Community Partners

We started the series with a top priority that focuses on international education. A diverse pool of education experts from Oregon share information and resources on supporting international students (from all countries) in Oregon and their parents and also encourage collective efforts to raise the profile of Oregon schools in China. This could include topics on the current situation affecting international students, international recruitment, student/teaching visas, and so on. 

We had the first webinar, OCC Education Webinar Series #1: Current situation and how OCC can assist International students in Oregon during these uncertain times, on October 20, 2020. A diverse pool of panelists and audiences joined the dialogues:


  • Government: Chinese Education Counsellor Jun Tang and Consul Cheng Zhen;

  • NGO: William Velez, Chair of Study Oregon Consortium;

  • 8 Leading schools in Oregon: University of Oregon, Portland State University, Lewis & Clark College, Western Oregon University, Willamette University; Portland International Academy, St. Mary's School (Medford), and Pacific Northwest College of Art.

  • 5 Innovative programs in Oregon: Bamboo International School, Engineer For Kids program, Hillsboro Aero Academy, Oregon Oregon Rhythmic Gymnastics & Dance Academy, and Xstream Learning Center;

  • 500 to 1000 audiences include international students and parents, educators, school principals, international recruiters from China, Korea, Japan, and other countries.

Our first webinar was successful. We have received many positive feedbacks from the panelists and audiences, and they are excited about OCC's future webinars. The webinar established sincere and positive relationships between OCC, Oregon schools, and the Education Section of the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco. The schools and programs expressed their confidence in working together through OCC to raise the profile for Oregon Education and promote school-to-school partnerships in China. 

Moving forward, OCC plans to host two more Education webinars (tentative topics are below) to complete this Education Webinar series. 

Education Webinar Series #2: Policy Analysis on U.S-China Education and Communication to Chinese students 

  • Date: Mid-January 2021; 

  • Goal: to improve Oregon schools' ability to communicate with their existential students in China and to do expanded outreach in China.

Education Webinar Series #3: Student Recruitment 

  • Date: March 2021;

  • Goal: to promote Oregon schools in China, facilitate school-to-school partnerships to increase recruitment.


Oregon China Council (OCC) is a 501(c)(3) volunteer based not-for-profit organization in the State of Oregon, U.S.A.