Oregon China Council (formerly Oregon China Sister State Relations Council) provides a pivotal link between Oregon and China. Since its inception, OCC has promoted and honored Oregon’s friendship, mutual trust and positive trade relationship with China. At the same time, Oregon has worked with China to continue building the bridge toward a mutually beneficial future for our two countries. 

In 2020, Oregon China Council is continuing its strategic course of affirmative programs that build mutually beneficial relationships, promote job creation and engender ever-improving levels of education and cultural understanding that advance sustainable economic growth and social development for the people of Oregon through constructive and principled relations with the people, businesses, cultural representatives and government officials of China.


OCC’s tasks include deepening positive ties and support of OCC goals and programs within the Oregon legislature, the Executive branch and among the business and leadership constituencies throughout Oregon. OCC will continue its focus on placing the interests of Oregon’s businesses and workers and the need for living-wage jobs as the most compelling reason to trade with China and encourage investment by China and educational and cultural exchange between China and Oregon. The necessity to rebuild and revitalize Oregon’s rural timber-dependent counties is one of the critical objectives OCC will continue to pursue.


OCC's annual programs and recurring activities include trade missions, conferences, forums, hosting delegations from China, and cultural events. Each event plays a role in "paving the way" and providing the opportunity for Oregon’s residents to gain a better understanding of China, for small businesses to have a pathway to get in touch with the Chinese business decision-makers and consumers and to encourage Oregon’s friends in China to invest in the state’s sustainable industries and create jobs here – especially in Oregon’s rural counties.


To provide an interactive platform for business, government, and NGO in Oregon, improving communications with CHINA.


Oregon China Council is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to seeking opportunities to improve people to people exchanges, mutual respect and prosperity between Oregon and China.


OCC strengthens dialogue in Culture, Education, Environment, Tourism, and Trade at the local level between Oregon and CHINA. To improve our communities through conferences, art events, and different missions. 


Oregon China Council (OCC) is a 501(c)(3) volunteer based not-for-profit organization in the State of Oregon, U.S.A.