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Fujian Assembly Hall in Hoi An, Vietnam

2024 俄勒冈州“汉语桥”中文及才艺预选赛




Consent Form

Chinese Bridge is an international competition providing an avenue for non-heritage students in PreK-12 and universities to showcase their proficiency in Chinese language and culture while enjoying the process. Participation in Chinese Bridge serves as an excellent means to enhance language and presentation skills, facilitating a significant leap forward in one's Chinese proficiency.


We are delighted to announce the opening of applications for the "2024 ‘Chinese Bridge’ Chinese Proficiency & Talent Competition Oregon Preliminary," organized by the Oregon China Council (OCC) in collaboration with Portland International Academy (PIA). This event welcomes participation from non-Chinese heritage students in PreK-12 and college, who must be enrolled in a Chinese language program in an Oregon state-registered accredited school.


The deadline for submitting pre-recorded video presentations is March 22, 2024, with final in-person competitions scheduled for Saturday, April 6, 2024. This competition offers a platform for Oregon's Chinese-learning students to compete, showcasing their language proficiency and cultural talents through speeches and diverse skills. It is a valuable opportunity for students at PreK-12 schools and colleges/universities in Oregon to refine their Chinese language abilities. Winners of the Oregon Preliminary will represent the state in regional and international competitions later in the summer and fall, respectively.


"The 2024 ‘Chinese Bridge’ Chinese Proficiency and Talent Competition Oregon Preliminary" for non-Chinese heritage PreK-12 and college students is scheduled for Saturday, April 6, 2024, from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM.

 Please download files for the Announcement and Consent Form below to learn about the details. All potential participants for the Oregon Preliminary must submit the pre-recorded video presentation via the following official email address by March 22, 2023:

"Chinese Bridge" Oregon Hall of Fame


Kendall Kracke 李晓雨
The 20th "Chinese Bridge" (College) World Champion


Andrew Fowler 方龙
Top 3 of the 21st "Chinese Bridge" (College) World Championship


Andrew competing at the 2023 "Chinese Bridge" World Championship

Andrew at Baise, Guangxi Province, touring Chinese ethnic area

Fanglong China.jpg

Andrew visiting the Forbidden City, Beijing


Aoife Seaberry 宋小花 
The First Prize Winner of The 2022 World "Chinese Bridge" Competition (Elementary School Category)

First Place Winners of the 2023 Oregon Preliminary

WeChat Image_20240316110418.png

Pre-School Group

Norah Sabharwal 萨小雅

1st Elementary.jpg

Elementary Group

Grace Smith石美恩

Top 3 Middle School.jpg

Secondary School Group

Malka Kranowski 柯丽蓉


College Group

Andrew Fowler 方龙

First Place Winners of the 2022 Oregon Preliminary


Elementary Group

Aoife Seaberry 宋小花 


Secondary School Group

Naomi Margolis 马玉兰


College Group

Htoo Ray Wah 图芮

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