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Tianjin, Fujian and Oregon seeking to enhance cooperation

Chinese officials from Tianjin municipality and Fujian province joined their counterparts from the U.S. state of Oregon this week to discuss subnational cooperation amid ongoing tension between the U.S. and China.

Delegates from the three regions, which have enjoyed decades of sister-state relations, went over collaboration opportunities in ports, technologies, higher education and grassroots NGOs, as well as national parks.

The focus of the discussion on Tuesday evening was climate change, which has been highlighted by leaders of China and the U.S. as a key area where the two countries' interests overlap.

Chinese Consul General in San Francisco Wang Donghua noted that in 2021, parts of the U.S., including Oregon, were affected by the worst ice storm in decades as well as raging wildfires, while severe flooding and typhoons took place in some areas of China.

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