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Oregon cashes in on China ties

US state's exports to nation in 2020 reached $9.5 billion, up 32 percent year-on-year

Despite heightened tensions between the United States and China, the state of Oregon is experiencing record exports and growing imports from China.

China is Oregon's largest trading partner and Oregon is a significant source of imports for China. In 2020, Oregon's exports to China totaled about $9.5 billion, an increase of 32 percent from 2019, according to the Oregon governor's office.

And the state's 1st Congressional District, which covers part of the city of Portland, exported $7.5 billion worth of goods to China in 2020, more than any of the other current 434 congressional districts that elect members to the House of Representatives, according to the 2021 District Export Report recently released by the US-China Business Council.

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