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Oregon-China Trade Grows, But Leaders Fear ‘Decoupling’

Zhang Jingcheng Pan Qingjiang stands outside the Oregon's state capitol.

Acting Consul General Pan Qingjiang discusses how the United States’ ongoing trade war — and economic sanctions against Russia — add uncertainty to Oregon and China’s economic partnership.


Pan Qingjiang says economic warfare would have dire consequences to Oregon’s economy. The acting consul general of the Chinese consulate general in San Francisco, spoke with Oregon Business about the United States’ economic sanctions on Russia, which Chinese officials have called “outrageous” and “dangerous.” We also talked about the role Oregon can play in the relationship between the United States and China in the future. During his career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pan served in the Department of Asian Affairs, the Department of International Organizations and Conferences and the Department of North American and Oceanian Affairs. He has worked in Chinese embassies and consulates in South Korea, Sweden, Nauru, Pakistan, Zambia and other countries. Prior to Deputy Consul General in San Francisco, he served as deputy general manager of the China Harbour Engineering Corporation.

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