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People-to-People Diplomacy: China-US People-to-People Friendship Forum to foster bilateral ties

Now to China-US relations, and more people-to-people exchanges are taking place after several major official visits. One event has been a China-US People-to-People Friendship Forum on Wednesday in Fuzhou, southeastern Fujian Province. As Zhu Longzhou reports, the focus was ways of promoting the healthy development of Sino-US relations.

Strength, hopeful, potential, multifaceted, imperative…

These are just some of the themes that young minds from the two nations shared after a congratulatory letter delivered from Chinese President Xi Jinping to the 2023 China-US People-to-People Friendship Forum.

The forum has provided a platform for political and business leaders, and youth representatives to engage in meaningful discussions and enhance long-lasting connections.

LUCA BERRONE Board Member of Iowa Sister States Committee "I think it works at the national level, it's important to communicate. It's important that we have these exchanges, that we learn more. And I think, obviously, we talked about in the forum about it must be a win-win situation. Yes, it absolutely has to be a win-win situation."

Despite the multiple uncertainties and challenges that Sino-US relations are currently facing, Kenneth Quinn, strategic Advisor to the US Heartland China Association underlined his optimism.

KENNETH QUINN Strategic Advisor to the US Heartland China Association "My belief that American people and Chinese people, when they're exposed enough to what's happening in each country can still find a friendship and a relationship that allows us to continue more as friends than adversaries."

"People are the foundation of China-US relations". This is what Chinese president Xi Jinping reiterated when meeting with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates this June.

Fruitful cooperation across the Pacific is one area where this remark is being well echoed.

LAN JIN President of Oregon China Council "On the people-people exchange, I think there are a lot of potential, a lot of work. My own opinion is that, President Xi's message is a positive note to the Sino-US relations, particularly for the subnational relationship."

ZHU LONGZHOU Fuzhou "It is heartening to witness the efforts being made to strengthen bilateral relations between these two important nations. And the forum has once again demonstrated the power of people-to-people diplomacy. Zhu Longzhou, CGTN, Fuzhou, Fujian Province.

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